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About Joutsi

Archery club Joutsi was founded in Joensuu in 1958. Currently we have around 40 members. Our members have all kinds of bows: target recurves, compounds, traditional and self bows. Members practice target and field archery as well as hunting. We have three shooting ranges in our use so members can practise archery year-round.

Getting started

If you would like to try archery please contact us to ask about beginner's shooting hours :

  • E-mail: (Please enable JavaScript to view this email address)


Instructed beginner's hour costs 5€. After that practising costs 20 euros per month. Prices include the usage of the club's equipment and the shooting range. By joining our club and shooting longer than couple months the prices are little lower.


Club owns a good selection of bows as well as other equipment. Archers can freely use them in the shooting range.

Shooting ranges

We have two shooting ranges. Indoor range is located in Noljakka and there we shoot during the winter season. From spring to autumn we practise in outdoor range in Pilkko.

Practice times

During the winter season shooting we practice 4 times per week (on a week at evenings and weekends on Sunday). During the summer season the ranges can be used 24/7.


Joutsi arranges archery courses and group guidings. These are usually instructed in Finnish but for a bigger English speaking group they can be arranged in English.

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